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Zoll AED Plus CPR Padz

Zoll AED Plus CPR-D•padz™

Zoll AED Plus Adult CPR Padz 8900-0800-1Zoll has developed an innovative way to help the responder in a rescue. The CPR-D pads are one-piece pads for easier placement. The hand placement guide helps ensure proper CPR, and the CPR feedback feature helps responders make sure they are providing proper compressions. At 5-years, the Zoll CPR-D padz have the longest shelf life of any AED on the market.

Part No. 8900-0800-1
Our Price: $197.00



Zoll AED Plus Pedi•padz™ II (pediatric defibrillation electrode pads)

Zoll AED Plus pediatric Padz 8900-8010-01For the ZOLL AED Plus® and AED Pro®.

Part No. 8900-8010-01
Our Price: $148.00

Please note: ZOLL guarantees at least 18 months or better shelf-life on these defibrillation electrode pads.