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Emergency Oxygen may be deployed 50 times more often than an AED.


Store your AED and Emergency Oxygen in our new Life Start System Portable Wall Case


Life Start SystemThe LIFE StartSystem holds emergency oxygen and an automated external defibrillator (AED) in one convenient carry case.


Whether the victim is suffering from a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest, you will feel confident knowing that you have essential life saving emergency equipment on hand.  


If someone is suffering from a heart attack, you administer emergency oxygen which may prevent deterioration that could lead to respiratory and/or cardiac arrest. 


If the victim is unresponsive and suffering from cardiac arrest, the automated external defibrillator is used to shock the heart back to a normal rhythm and emergency oxygen is used during CPR to increase the oxygen concentration to the victim. 




Life SmartStart System OpenedLIFE StartSystem is a durable and almost waterproof case, it is light weight and convenient to carry during an emergency. It is smaller than a briefcase at 12"x12"x3" and weighs only 8 pounds.


The LIFE StartSystem is made to store a disposable or low-cost refillable 113 liter oxygen cylinder. It is made to accommodates either the Philips AED (OnSite or FRx) or the Heartsine Samaritan PAD defibrillators. (Patented)


LIFE StartSystem, includes LIFE-O2 Emergency Oxygen with 6&12 LPM regulator for AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen @12 LPM


Note: Because all LIFE Start Systems are shipped completely filled with oxygen and ready-to-use, they must be shipped via UPS Ground.

Philips AED sold separtely.