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CPR Face Mask

CPR Face MaskPopular CPR Mask in Clam-Shell Style Hard Case

This is a durable latex-free CPR face mask which includes a one-way valve and an oxygen barb for the administration of supplemental oxygen if desired.
Its form fitting face piece makes it great for adult and child patients alike and it comes in a sturdy crush-resistant case. This mask will fit most resuscitators, too (such as our Ambu Bags).
When providing mouth to mouth rescue breaths, a CPR barrier is recommended to keep the victims body fluid away from you. This form of personal protective equipment or PPE is to prevent the transmission of disease.
Our Price: $9.95 each
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 10+    $8.05
 100+    $7.15
 300+    $6.25
 500+    $5.35

CPR Face-Shield Key chain

CPR face-shield key chainThese are the most portable and convenient CPR mouth barriers you'll find anywhere! They're perfect where space is limited and they're single-use and disposable.

The CPR Keychain is a proven, easy to use, and inexpensive barrier with a one-way valve that prevents direct contact with patient's mouth, nose and face and helps overcome the fear associatesd with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.



  • The CPR Keychain helps protect rescuer and increases bystander CPR in emergency situations.
  • Transparent face shield and one-way valve prevents contact with patient's saliva or blood and allows the rescuer to visually check for patient's lip color and vomit.
  • Suitable for both adults and children.
  • Elastic ear bands fit over patient's ears to keep the mask in place.
  • Standard resuscitation techniques can be used without modification.
  • May be carried on a key chain, in a pocket, a small handbag and a first-aid kit.
  • Private labeling is available.
The durable one-way valve protects you from contaminants as you provide rescue breathing for someone who needs your help. Latex-free. 
CPR shield size: 7 3/4" H x 11 1/4" W
Pouch measures 2" x 2"
Our Price: $3.95 each
Discounts for Quantity 
 Qty    Each


 10+    $2.75
 50+    $2.50
 100+    $2.25
 500+    $2.00
 1000+    $1.75